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Joltify Lending DeFi Disruptor For Real World Assets Fixed APY Return. Real World Quick Lending. Lendee Dictator Tersm. Lendor Has Freedom To Choose.     How Does Joltify Bridge The Gap We do this by utilising the rise and prominence of NFT’s or other blockchain related technologies, whilst assimilating real-world assets into JOLTIFY. Our NFTs will be…


By aggregating over 90 DEXs and bridges, PathR ensures efficient transaction routing, high-speed execution, and access to the best rates available in the market. .


Re-Define DEX, Bridges And DeFi. One of the few DEXs to bridge Cosmos ecosystem Via IBC , Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum chain, and Other EVM based chains via FerryX. Dramatically reduces the cross chain swap fees. Decentralized exchange to make cross-chain swap easy and fast.