Re-Define DEX, Bridges And DeFi

Zero  Transaction fees on Joltify-Cosmos.

Zero Inbound fees to the Joltify Chain。

One of the few DEXs to bridge Cosmos ecosystem Via IBC , Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum chain, and Other EVM based chains via FerryX.

Dramatically reduces the cross chain swap fees. 

Decentralized exchange to make cross-chain swap easy and fast.  

Zero Transaction Fees

In the Joltify-Cosmos section of the Joltify co-chain, transaction fees are set to zero.

Zero Inbound Fees to Joltify Chain

Transferring tokens from other chains to Oppy for swapping is completely free, regardless of whether they are ATOM, OSMO from the Cosmos ecosystem via IBC, or USDT, USDC, BNB, ETH from EVM-based ecosystems.

Lowest Bridge Fees

By utilizing the lowest bridge fees offered by FerryX, it significantly reduces the fees associated with cross-chain swaps.